Stop Living in the Pain of Feeling Like You're “Not Enough”…

And in JUST 6 Days, Begin to Call In Exactly What You Desire and Deserve! (Even If You’ve Started to Believe That a Beautiful Life Filled with Loyal Friends, Fulfilling Work, and Sexy Romance Just Isn’t in the Cards for You!)

Join the Change Your Life Challenge
and Start to Experience a Life That Is So Amazing,
You Can’t Even Believe It’s Yours—In Just 6 Days!
Dates: October 19th–24th
Just $33 for ALL 6 Days!
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Studying the Trauma & Triumph Stories of
4,000 Women Over 15 Years Has Taught Me This… 

There Are 6 Thoughts That Keep You Stuck

… in a spin cycle of confusion and frustration on your quest to call in love that’s worth celebrating.

THOUGHT #1: I Don’t Know
… what I want, what to believe, what to do, who to trust, what’s next for me, how to get it all done, how to go on, how to get over it, how to stop, what’s right, what’s true.
THOUGHT #2: I Don’t Have
… enough information, resources, the credentials, what it takes, support, guidance, money, desires, clarity.
THOUGHT #3: I Hurt
… in my heart, in my head, all over my body, when I think about him, when I’m alone, when it’s too quiet.
THOUGHT #4: I Can’t
… accomplish my goals, figure this out, meet people who treat me kindly, go on, get over it, make lasting change.
THOUGHT #5: I Miss
… my ex-lover, my mother, my old friends, my old house, my last job, the security I had, having companionship.
THOUGHT #6: I Wish
… things were different, I didn’t feel this way, it would just magically work out, someone else would take care of this, there was a pill I could take.

Sister, these thoughts deplete you.

And when you live in the energy of lack that these thoughts produce, you attract liars, cheaters, ghosters, narcissists, avoidants, codependents, weaklings, players. You attract sharks who smell blood in the water. And you’re the meat.

The problem is that these thoughts have been STUCK in your consciousness… probably since you were 12 years old.

BUT… when you find these thoughts within you, unplug from them, fill that void with the thoughts of God, and spark your Queen consciousness…


In just 6 days, you can attract higher energy experiences. Higher energy friends. Higher energy colleagues. Higher energy career opportunities. Higher energy lovers. Higher energy partners. Higher energy health. Higher energy joy, fulfillment, peace, power, wealth.

How do you do this, especially when you are feeling so depleted?


I now know that I’m whole, complete.

“I discovered that I can use what’s inside of me to heal myself. I now understand, accept, and love the hurt that I have from the past. With the help of the Holy Spirit, and the guidance of Jeanine, I now know that I’m whole, complete. My pain doesn’t hold me back anymore.”
- Linda


The LIVE Change Your Life Challenge

LIVE ONLINE (October 19th–24th)

A 6-day virtual coaching event that will have you jumping OUT of thinking you’re “never enough” and diving into loving yourself more

… so that you attract the life and love experiences you’ve been hoping, praying, & wishing for.

For 6 days, my team and I will support you fully with LIVE coaching, a curated curriculum, life-changing exercises, & methodologies.

And with prizes, gifts, plus a few surprises (such as a 3-Day “Staycation” for you and a friend at “The Oak Cabin” in the Poconos, PA, OR a $250 luxury spa gift basket sent to your home, among 7 other AMAZING prizes), we’re going to have so much fun!

Here’s What You Get… 

The Solution


How to clear the 6 blocks that keep amazing, talented, gifted women stuck and stagnant, losing out on the life and love story they truly desire… and deserve.

A $397 Value

  • This includes 6 prerecorded coaching sessions featuring Coveted Conversations between Dr. Jeanine Staples and Coach Rori Raye.
  • Access for you within a password-protected vault.
  • BONUS: Also includes the audio files of each coaching session for whichever learning style suits you best!

A $47 Value

The Solution Manual


Exercises you can do now to move fast beyond the blocks that keep you stuck in cycles of wanting, wishing, not enough, too little, too late, and when? When? WHEN?

A $197 Value

  • Filled with exercises, tools, and strategies to break you out of feeling lost and alone.
  • Accessible in your password-protected vault.
6 Days live small group coaching with Dr. Jeanine Staples


This is where you’ll discover what kind of life and love is truly possible for you and get coaching from Dr. Jeanine Staples to untangle yourself from what’s holding you back so you can leap forward fast into your new life and attract better love.

A $2497 Value

  • (Spoiler Alert: You deserve so much more than what any past boyfriend, lover, husband, friend, family, or SOCIETY has led you to believe.)
  • Your questions answered! Be seen, get support, feel fully informed, equipped, clear, and conscious about what’s possible for you.

… All This for Only $33!

The Change Your Life Challenge
Change our Life Challenge bundle

A total value of $3,183!

Regular price $197

Just $33 today

From two phenomenal women who’ve helped THOUSANDS of women fall madly in love with themselves and attract the life (and relationships) of their dreams.

Register here!

The October Change Your Life Challenge has ended. Please visit us at to learn about what's next!

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Meet Your Coaches

Dr. Jeanine Staples

Jeanine Staples

After spending 15 years poring over 4,000 trauma and triumph narratives in her ethnographic studies at a Research I Institution (the highest ranking there is)... Dr. Jeanine Staples knows exactly what keeps women stuck and spinning. And how they can transform themselves to change their lives forever. 

Jeanine is a soul coach to women recovering from emotional traumas. She is also a Professor of Literacy and Language, African American Studies, and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the Pennsylvania State University. And she is one of only EIGHT African American women to hold that ranking of Full Professor at her institution out of 6,000. 

She earned her bachelor’s degree in English literature and Urban Education from Howard University, a Master’s degree in Teaching and Curriculum from Harvard University, and her Doctorate in Literacy and Language, with distinction, from the University of Pennsylvania.  

Her teachings combine the latest discoveries of quantum epigenetics (how you can alter your own DNA), the truth of quantum law (how shifting your cellular energy can create any reality, any life you want to live), PLUS her own lived and breathed experience of getting up off the floor after trauma in love, wiping her tears, completely transforming her patterns, renewing her self-worth, and healing her entire somatic space (her body) from the inside out. 

Jeanine is now in a healthy, happy, connected, loving, wonderful, beautiful relationship with a top 1% man. He is open, committed, devoted, and present. And she knows she deserves every ounce of admiration he gives. 

Rori Raye

Rori Raye

Rori Raye is a trained relationship coach and a former crisis counselor who has helped thousands of women succeed in love by teaching them the tools they need to heal and change.

Her biggest credential, though, is her own personal love story. Before she met her husband, she was the self-titled QUEEN of Crumb-Taking—settling for and accepting the tiny scraps of attention, affection, and respect anyone would give her. Because, hey… something’s better than nothing, right? WRONG! 

She had little self-esteem and practically no boundaries at all. She spent all her energy trying to control and manipulate everyone and everything in her life—in a very sweet and smiling way, of course. She attracted losers and men who didn’t want her.  

That all changed when she realized that SHE was at the root of what was happening to her. She did the same things, said the same things, even though they kept giving her results she hated. 

Within a few weeks of healing her inner world (instead of trying to control everyone else), the affection, the sex, the easy and fun companionship—it all showed up in her life. 

And now, she’s been married to a brilliant, wonderful man for over 25 years! Rori’s here to teach you HOW she did what she did. Without all the time-wasting trial-and-error she slogged through. So you can get all the big-ticket items you really want—affection, attention, romance, love, great sex, harmony, and fun without even asking! 

Join the thousands of women who have had their life and love story change by learning from these two incredible spirits.

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Everything can change when you have her help.

“Jeanine teaches concepts that I haven’t heard ANYWHERE else. And when they are implemented into my soul and spirit and body, everything changes and transforms. I feel upleveled. I’ve taken a 30-hour flight (each way!) to hear Jeanine speak because I know how life changing her words are. They can release, heal, restore, rebuild… and it doesn’t matter how damaging your history is, even generations back. It doesn’t matter what those stories are, everything can change when you have Jeanine’s help.”
- Simone

There will ALWAYS be value in attending one of Jeanine’s live events.

I now really, deeply accept and love every part of who I am. Not just accept them, but love them as part of me. Love them for who they’ve made me. No matter how far along you are on your personal journey, there will ALWAYS be value in attending one of Jeanine’s live events. The sisterhood, the safe space, the support—they’re unmatched. All women need this!”
- Katie 

You have shown me the way...

“Rori, you have saved my life… As far as I had come on my own, I was still only half living my life, and I knew there was more… You have shown me the way, given me the map, and I love you for it. I owe my heart blossoming, spirit revealing, and soul saving to you. Thank you!”
- Donna 

I feel free again.

“My energy has changed completely. I feel as if that heavy weight that has been on my heart has lifted. I feel free again. I feel excited again.”
- Doreen 
Change Your Life Challenge bundle
Change Your Life Challenge bundle
  • THE SOLUTION CURRICULUM Coaching Sessions ........... Value $397
  • BONUS: Audio Files! ............................................................................ Value $47
  • THE MANUAL FOR HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE .............. Value $197
  • 6 DAYS OF LIVE SMALL-GROUP COACHING ........................ Value $2497

Total Value: $3,183!

Regular Price: $197


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Change Your Life Now and Have  the Most Loving Holiday Season—Single or Not!
When you struggle in love, the holidays—from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day—can be the most DIFFICULT time of year.

This is the season when so many women feel alone and heartbroken, lost, and left behind. You may have spin out in thoughts that keep you stuck, sick, and silent. And you may start to lose hope because you don't know how to change how you feel or what happens to you.  

Sister, we can’t let this continue any longer. Because when you lose hope, you continue to draw in liar after liar. The cheaters, ghosters, narcissists, avoidants, codependents, weaklings, and players are all you attract. And you start to call it your fate.  

You wrongfully assume that this treatment is what you deserve. Or this is all that’s available to you. And that belief grows until it has a hold on you and you feel like you’ll never escape. 


You deserve the most wonderful, vibrant, celebrated love. This isn’t about waiting for a man on a white horse to come rescue you. This is about saving yourself. 

Healing your inner world. Loving yourself fully. So you are whole. You are fulfilled. You are radiant. And from that place, knowing that your vibrational energy is attracting—like a magnet—the high-level life that you deserve

You will no longer feel like the victim of your random thoughts. And you will no longer dread the holidays. You won’t be alone. You will be FULL of love. 

Join us now inside this challenge so you can have the most loving holiday season of your life—whether you are single or not! 

We’re ready to take your hand, cover you with safety, see you and all of the goodness you possess inside, and guide you through the process, so YOU can change your life
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P.S. How many thousands of dollars have you invested in men who didn’t deserve a dime?

How many hours, days, months, and years of your precious time have you spent serving others? 

It’s time to invest in yourself.  

Give yourself the same love, attention, energy, and commitment you’ve given to your babies, your friends, your boss, your family.  

You’ve been a dependable, reliable person for everyone else in your life. Be that for yourself now. 

It’s only $33 and 6 days.  

And it will change your life if you show up and do the work.  

It’s time for YOU, sister.  

Save your spot now by clicking any button on this page. And we’ll see you there! 
Change Your Life Challenge bundle
Change Your Life Challenge bundle
  • THE SOLUTION CURRICULUM Coaching Sessions ........... Value $397
  • BONUS: Audio Files! ............................................................................ Value $47
  • THE MANUAL FOR HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE .............. Value $197
  • 6 DAYS OF LIVE SMALL-GROUP COACHING ........................ Value $2497

Total Value: $3,183!

Regular Price: $197


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